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December Comp Winners Feature!

Posted by shaz532 on December 31, 2010 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

  Winners Feature Blog!


Hi all *waves*

So, as you all know the winners of our December competition theme 'Christmas' were:

                                         Charles and Mao!


I'm sure you all will agree and join me in congratulating them once again.  Your entries were both fantastic and deserved the title of 'winner'. Have you all seen their shiny new badges in our newly opened 'hall of fame' and have you read their entries in our competition forum here:  http://shaz532.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/3816180-competition-entries-for-december - If not, run along and check...I'll wait until you all get back!


Oh hi, your back... that was fast!


Did you like what you read? If you answered yes, which I know you will have, to this question then you're going to love us forever more Why will we love you forever more I hear you ask?


Well, we have 1 more special piece of writing from both our winners to showcase - yes, that's right *nods* its not a dream...


So, put the kettle on , relax, and enjoy!


 Featured pieces by our fab winners!


  The Scrooge with Rouge by Charlessims



There is an old town

in England, it is told,

of a man of great renown.

But if I may be so bold,

to tell of one living with the prick,

who in trying desperately to feel fine,

gave up beating him with a stick,

and gave in to drinking fine wine.

Every day just before lunch,

you know that she was feeling good,

simply because she had drank a bunch.

Picking up the stick of wood,

she threatened to put him in his place,

she yelled, I am the Scrooge

that every day, to my face,

I apply a pound of rouge.

You had better be nice and make a pass

or I will grab the spirits three,

and with them, I will thoroughly beat your ass,

turned pitifully over my knee.

Merry bah-humbug Christmas from

the Scrooge with rouge.

***Well done once again Charles for your fantastic entry this month! Please all our members if you would like to read more of Charles writing pop along to his profile here: http://shaz532.webs.com/apps/profile/48758871/   to enjoy more of his work! ***



The Truth of Youth by Mahailey  


It's not a game anymore,

Time to take it in full swing.

"This is life," they say. "It's time to make yourself something."

All this talk about growing up makes me really sick.

I'm being torn from my childhood...

I'm praying it's just a trick.

I'm praying that this isn't real,

That it won't be taken away.

But then the adults tell me, "You must grow up someday."

What if I don't want to age?

If I want to be forever young?

The reality of my ill-fated dreams leaves a permenate pain;

I'm forever stung.

No more laughter...

No more games...

What's the point of being 'grown up' anyways?

***Well done to you again too Mao for another fantastic entry! Again, other members if you wish to read more of Mao's fantastic work pop along to her profile here: http://shaz532.webs.com/apps/profile/60249569/  to enjoy more of her work! ***



...So, that's all for now folks but please do feel free to comment on our winners featured pieces below as well as our blog!

Winners: I hope you enjoyed your feature - you deserved it!

***Remember members if you want to be in our 'Hall Of Fame' or be featured here and on our home page you gotta win our next competition - which the voting has already started - so if you are a MOD run along and get your vote in!

Hurry..the clock is ticking...Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock..

So, all that is left for us to say is:

to all our fab members here at Write And Review, from Shaz and Dec x

we hope you have a good one when the time comes!

Xmas and New Year!

Posted by shaz532 on December 29, 2010 at 2:13 PM Comments comments (0)

hi guys *waves*


With it being Xmas and New Year, we understand the site will be quiet but do not fear we are still here and determined to keep making our fantastic site even better!


I just wanted u all to know that we still intend on doing all the stuff we originally planned on doing!


The monthly newsletters will start hopefully after the New Year, Dec and I still need to put our heads together and come up with a template ect!


This months comp winners, Charles and Mao - congrats to you both, If you could reply here or mail me with the other piece of writing you would like featured, I will blog asap with your feature!


Mod's will be decided really soon for this month - keep checking back to see who it is!!


That's all for now guys, sorry it's short and sweet, and when the time comes I hope u all have a wonderful New Year!


Bye for now


Shaz and Dec x

Write&Review opens Facebook Page!

Posted by shaz532 on December 4, 2010 at 10:43 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi W&R members *waves*


So, we have finally did it - yes, *nod* we have took the plunge into 'social networking' !


Can you see our lovely badge over there, *nods to the right* in the side bar? Well, all you have to do is click that, and it will take you to our offical FB page - woo hoo :D


Finally, we get with 'the times' and become social network addicts lol!


NO, seriously, Facebook is a fab way to advertise our site, pull in more members, and for exsiting members to stay up to date on all our going on's!


With our facebook, at the moment,  only myself and Dec can update status but members can post comments, pics and more!


Write & Review facebook page will be used for:


*Advertising our site - we want more members right? This is a great way of pulling them in!


*Events - Competitions and Mods Mini's will be posted on Facebook, giving members who don't visit the site everyday, the chance to see what's happening (because we know most people have fb connected to their phones these days) so, we post, they hear a beep, they see the comp, get interested and sign in to see more details!


* Quotes - everyone loves quotes right? well you can add your own picture quotes in our 'Writing Quotes' album! Plus, in the near future, W&R will be posting daily quotes from our members - yes, that's right, you! *more details to follow soon*

*plus much more - when we think of more fab ideas!  ;)

So, all you have to do:

Have a Facebook account

Click the W&R Facebook badge over on the side bar --->

Sign into your FB

Click 'LIKE' at the top of our page

Tell all your writing buddies!


Easy as 1,2,3..uhm...and 4 and 5 too!


*Please note we are still in the process of updating our Facebook and working the page out (we are very new to this) We are also currently trying to work out a way for our monthly mods to be able to post on our facebook about their mini comps/challenges - we will have to wait until one of our mods 'likes' our fb page to see if we can do this!

Edit: Mod's will now be able to post on our facebook page - every month we will update the admin section of the facebook page! Great news, so now you can update our status with your challenges ect!


Thanks for listening to us babble again...


Shaz and Dec x

Hello W&R members, changes to site!

Posted by shaz532 on December 3, 2010 at 1:53 PM Comments comments (4)

Hi Write&Review members *waves*


So, you may have noticed over the last 2 days, myself and Dec have been working extremly hard on giving the site and new and improved look! We have now hopefully *crosses fingers* changed most of it! It has taken a lot of hard work to get to where we are - it's unbeliveable just how much, you would never imagine!


But, hopefully you all like your new improved site! Dec and I love it and feel it is now more clean, more professional (which was a major factor with the last site for me), and less bland looking!


We went through serveral changes before reaching our final descision - and we thinki it looks fab!


A few changes:

We now have an email address! *woo hoo* yes, that's right you can contact myself or Dec on the sites very own email address


[email protected]


mark it down, you'll need it because we have decided to start...


Monthly newsletters - these newsletters will contain information about whats going on with the site that month! Competitions, mini mod challenges and more will be mentioned too - you will recieve your newsletter via email! There will also be a copy of the newsletter here for you to comment on!


Twitter:-  Who's addicted? Put your hand up and confess *looks at Dec, come on raise that hand* I know you are! I am also, so that's why we thought we would make a Twitter for Write and Review - what do you think? Would you follow us? We will 'Tweet' about comps, challenges, quotes, and more. Twitter is an excellent way to attract more members for the site. We would love your opinions below!


And from Twitter we go to:


Yes, you got it


Facebook -   Another great way to promote the site. But, also a fab oppertuntity for us to interact with all our members, you can comment on our facebook page with a qoute from your writing, along with a link and people who are interested in writing will pop along - they will have to join us first to see your work (don't worry)


So let us know what you think about Write and Review social networking! We haven't made any pages yet until we recieve your feedback!


Onto the monthly competition changes:


Write and Review would love to showcase our 1st place competition winners. Why? well, because you deserve it! You've won first place, let us show you off!


1st place winners from this month and onwards will be featured on our Home Page! woop woop I hear you shout and so you should because not only does your name show as our winner but your winning piece will be shown too along with one other writing piece you would liek to have featured. Your name will go under the big trophy on the home page along with the title of your writing and we will link to the forums...


These features gives you the oppertunity to be noticed first when people sign in, meaning, more feedback!


From comps to MOD's:


Hey there all our lovely mods who work so hard all month *waves*


yes, I'm talking to you,








Did you know now that you too can blog? no, well you can *jumps about* yes, our very own MOD's can blog about themselvesand what they're working on, monthly mini challenges/comps (I'll explain these in a mo) and more!


You work hard all month for your status, you deserve to have something in return...


Mod's mini's:


Every month Dec and myself choose 4 mod's. We pick members from the site who we think has been most active that month! This means, people who has made the effort to give other members feedback, take partin comps, ect.


Mod's can then enter the mysterious 'locked moderators lounge' - what's in there I hear you ask?


well, you wanna know - you have to become MOD ;)


Once, you become a mod, you can now start up your own mini monthly challenges/comps! How exciting!


please see Mod's forum for more details!


Well, thats all for now folks,

hope you like all the new changes!


Please feel free to comment on our blog, changes, and new look site below - we want your feedback!




Shaz and Dec ;)  x



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