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101 challenge......

Posted by loxx on December 3, 2010 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (13)

mini mod challenge for all to enter......

the is challenge for everyone to write a story..... of 101 words exactly....this challenge will be open for 1 week only....voting will commence saturday11thdec2010.

i think this is the first mini mods challenge.......... so please come and give it a go.....


All entries to be submitted in the Mini mod challenge forum inour forum section of the site!

loxx (-:

Profile Pages!

Posted by shaz532 on December 3, 2010 at 7:36 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok so I know there is a forum explaining this but we also will have any important info pages in here too - forum posts move all the time and it saves to keep bumbing them up! :D


Hi guys, me again *waves*


Ok so I just wanted to fill you in on a little about your profile area! Your profile page is very important to:



yourself - it's like your home, you can tell us what on your mind in there! Tell us about yourself, answer questions about your fave style of writing, fave authors, quotes and more!



For other members - this is your advert to other members, this is the place you showcase your work, where they read about your likes/dislikes, your hobbies,and your talents! If they like what they see and you sound friendly, they'll add you as a friend, and leave comments on your profile!


Run through of profile pages:



* On your profile page you can add a pic to your icon! It's much more nicer to have a pic in place rather than no pic at all - some members may think that you arn't active if you have no pic! *please note profile pics are not to be of yourself - see rules page up top for details* So, find a nice or silly icon and get uploading - we wanna see! Just click the 'edit profile' button and away you go!



* Once in 'edit profile' you can do all sorts of things to your page!



The first tab is 'Edit Profile' In here you can, change your name, upload a profile pic, Tell us about yourself in the 'about me' section, add a signature if you want to, and answer mulitpile questions about various different stuff!



The second tab is 'Notification Prefrences' Now this tab is very important if, like me, you want to recieve notifications on the work you have submitted! Example: if you want to be notfied of comments on your work! You have the option to be notified: Immedaitely, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly! (I have all mine set to Immedaitley)



The third tab is 'Edit Account' In here ou can edit your email address, gender, birthday, and timezone. Not much to say really here!



The fourth and final tab is 'Change Password' Pretty self explanitary here!



Ok so once you get that out the way the next thing you wanna do is see your profile - so click submit and it will take you back out to your main profile page - it should say your changes have been saved!


Now you will notice your profile is looking much nicer! On the left you have your icon, underneath that you have your inbox, and edit profile button. Next is your general button, then comes all your fab friends you have made since you joined. Then site membership (this is just all the sites with webs that you have joined).



In the middle you have your 'What's on your mind' speech bubble - use it, its fun! Tell us, we realyy wanna know! Type it in and press update and that's you!


Underneath that shows all your recent activity - again important as myslef and Dec will be looking here for our monthly mods!



under that you have your about me section - isn't it pretty now you've told us about your wonderful self?


Under that you have your comments from other members - in here you can reply to comments from other members but it doesn't show on your profile, it will show on theirs and vice versa!



Ok so that's your main profile page! If you look up the top, just above your icon, you will see three more tabs! you see? good, listen up -



Tab 1 - Main (I've just explained it up there ^^^^^ no need to go over it and bore you all again)



Tab 2 - Info - This is where all your questions you answered earlier shows! Click it and see, I'll wait!


You see? Pretty good info going on in there for other members to see!



Tab 3 - Friends - woo hoo we all like friends don't we? I'm talking about talking about real ones not the tv show although that is rather good too...anyway, in here you see all your new friends you make - you can add a member as a friend by clicking into their profiile, under their actions, 'add as friend' - once they accept your request, your buddies!



So, that's pretty much the profile pages explained - as you can see, your profile page is your 'hub', your 'home', your 'showcase' - please use them to experience the full benefit of this wonderful site!



Thank you


Shaz x



Ps - any questions, hit the reply button, and we will get back to you asap!


Hello W&R members, changes to site!

Posted by shaz532 on December 3, 2010 at 1:53 PM Comments comments (4)

Hi Write&Review members *waves*


So, you may have noticed over the last 2 days, myself and Dec have been working extremly hard on giving the site and new and improved look! We have now hopefully *crosses fingers* changed most of it! It has taken a lot of hard work to get to where we are - it's unbeliveable just how much, you would never imagine!


But, hopefully you all like your new improved site! Dec and I love it and feel it is now more clean, more professional (which was a major factor with the last site for me), and less bland looking!


We went through serveral changes before reaching our final descision - and we thinki it looks fab!


A few changes:

We now have an email address! *woo hoo* yes, that's right you can contact myself or Dec on the sites very own email address


[email protected]


mark it down, you'll need it because we have decided to start...


Monthly newsletters - these newsletters will contain information about whats going on with the site that month! Competitions, mini mod challenges and more will be mentioned too - you will recieve your newsletter via email! There will also be a copy of the newsletter here for you to comment on!


Twitter:-  Who's addicted? Put your hand up and confess *looks at Dec, come on raise that hand* I know you are! I am also, so that's why we thought we would make a Twitter for Write and Review - what do you think? Would you follow us? We will 'Tweet' about comps, challenges, quotes, and more. Twitter is an excellent way to attract more members for the site. We would love your opinions below!


And from Twitter we go to:


Yes, you got it


Facebook -   Another great way to promote the site. But, also a fab oppertuntity for us to interact with all our members, you can comment on our facebook page with a qoute from your writing, along with a link and people who are interested in writing will pop along - they will have to join us first to see your work (don't worry)


So let us know what you think about Write and Review social networking! We haven't made any pages yet until we recieve your feedback!


Onto the monthly competition changes:


Write and Review would love to showcase our 1st place competition winners. Why? well, because you deserve it! You've won first place, let us show you off!


1st place winners from this month and onwards will be featured on our Home Page! woop woop I hear you shout and so you should because not only does your name show as our winner but your winning piece will be shown too along with one other writing piece you would liek to have featured. Your name will go under the big trophy on the home page along with the title of your writing and we will link to the forums...


These features gives you the oppertunity to be noticed first when people sign in, meaning, more feedback!


From comps to MOD's:


Hey there all our lovely mods who work so hard all month *waves*


yes, I'm talking to you,








Did you know now that you too can blog? no, well you can *jumps about* yes, our very own MOD's can blog about themselvesand what they're working on, monthly mini challenges/comps (I'll explain these in a mo) and more!


You work hard all month for your status, you deserve to have something in return...


Mod's mini's:


Every month Dec and myself choose 4 mod's. We pick members from the site who we think has been most active that month! This means, people who has made the effort to give other members feedback, take partin comps, ect.


Mod's can then enter the mysterious 'locked moderators lounge' - what's in there I hear you ask?


well, you wanna know - you have to become MOD ;)


Once, you become a mod, you can now start up your own mini monthly challenges/comps! How exciting!


please see Mod's forum for more details!


Well, thats all for now folks,

hope you like all the new changes!


Please feel free to comment on our blog, changes, and new look site below - we want your feedback!




Shaz and Dec ;)  x



Sara Payne

Posted by Georgie Cox on February 1, 2010 at 10:42 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm not sure if  my first blog on this subject was posted successfully so I will re-write.


I read on Yahoo that Sara Payne has suffered a stroke.  Let's all wish this wonderful lady a full recovery.  She has done so much and suffered so much to bring about laws to protect our children.




p.s. This blog is a great communication link for chit chat!

Sara Payne

Posted by Georgie Cox on February 1, 2010 at 10:36 AM Comments comments (0)
I read that Sara Payne has suffered a stroke. Let's all wish this wonderful lady a full recovery. She has done so much and suffered so much to bring about laws which protect our children. Georgie p.s. This blog is a great way to chit chat.


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