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Write&Review opens Facebook Page!

Posted by shaz532 on December 4, 2010 at 10:43 AM

Hi W&R members *waves*


So, we have finally did it - yes, *nod* we have took the plunge into 'social networking' !


Can you see our lovely badge over there, *nods to the right* in the side bar? Well, all you have to do is click that, and it will take you to our offical FB page - woo hoo :D


Finally, we get with 'the times' and become social network addicts lol!


NO, seriously, Facebook is a fab way to advertise our site, pull in more members, and for exsiting members to stay up to date on all our going on's!


With our facebook, at the moment,  only myself and Dec can update status but members can post comments, pics and more!


Write & Review facebook page will be used for:


*Advertising our site - we want more members right? This is a great way of pulling them in!


*Events - Competitions and Mods Mini's will be posted on Facebook, giving members who don't visit the site everyday, the chance to see what's happening (because we know most people have fb connected to their phones these days) so, we post, they hear a beep, they see the comp, get interested and sign in to see more details!


* Quotes - everyone loves quotes right? well you can add your own picture quotes in our 'Writing Quotes' album! Plus, in the near future, W&R will be posting daily quotes from our members - yes, that's right, you! *more details to follow soon*

*plus much more - when we think of more fab ideas!  ;)

So, all you have to do:

Have a Facebook account

Click the W&R Facebook badge over on the side bar --->

Sign into your FB

Click 'LIKE' at the top of our page

Tell all your writing buddies!


Easy as 1,2,3..uhm...and 4 and 5 too!


*Please note we are still in the process of updating our Facebook and working the page out (we are very new to this) We are also currently trying to work out a way for our monthly mods to be able to post on our facebook about their mini comps/challenges - we will have to wait until one of our mods 'likes' our fb page to see if we can do this!

Edit: Mod's will now be able to post on our facebook page - every month we will update the admin section of the facebook page! Great news, so now you can update our status with your challenges ect!


Thanks for listening to us babble again...


Shaz and Dec x

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