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 Is writing your passion? Do you love to comment on other aspiring writers work as well as getting reviews on your own work at the same time?


If you answered 'yes' to both these questions then Write&Review is the place for you!


We pride ourselves on the website's relaxed and friendly atmosphere and welcome new members with open arms; so if you're looking for constructive criticism, some inspiration, or would just like to chat to people who share the same interests as you, why not register now, it's free and easy!



            ***Registering could not be easier! Three simple steps:***


Step 1: Click the 'Register' button over at the top right hand corner - you see it? Click it!


Step 2: You will recieve an email welcoming you to the site and asking you to fill out your membership profile. Memebership profiles allow us and yourself to interact with all other members. You can upload a picture *see rules page for details*, say what's on your mind, chat to other members, and even invite friends along! Members profiles also have settings you can play around with to suit your own needs!


Step 3: Once you have your profile up and running its plain sailing from there! You can upload your work straight away to the forum that suits and await other members comments, pop into the 'say hi' forum and introduce yourself (the more active you are, the more comments you are likely to recieve!) or simply read other members works and comment there too!


                                                    See we told you it was easy!                                                                           See we told you it couldn't be easier!



* Write and Review has forums in all genres!
Forums are locked to non-members. You have to be a member to visit our forums


* Monthly competitions for you chance to be featured on our Home page.

winning the competitions give you the chance to be seen by everyone who enters the site. One piece (of your choice) along with your competition piece will be featured, giving you more of a chance of comments!


* Forums for general disscusion and games!

Yes, that's right we do like to talk about other things too! Plus, we have some fab forum games to get your brain motivated!

* Visit our links section for sites on Grammar and other writing related sites.


*We also have an art section for anybody who has multi-talents!

in our art section you can upload your very own book cover designs, paintings, character art and more!




   'Come on join and we can all help each other...


                                                                                                      ... Make your own reality'
















 ***DISCLAMIER- Work added to this site, is at writers own responsibility. I do not hold responsibility for anyone's work.Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated. Ch1 (co-owner) and I (owner) will be checking the forum's regularly and anyone doing so will be removed.We are hoping this will not be the case, since we are all writers here, we hope we can become a trusted community.***o

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