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Write and Review is a website designed by writers for writers! We are dedicated to helping writers help each other. This website allows members to come along and share their work and in return recieve comments and opinions from other authors!

Constructive criticism is our best friend.


Meet the admin team:

Shaz532 (Owner) "I really enjoy how much our little site has grown into cozy and friendly family. I never imagined the site to be as successful as it has become. I am a mother of 3 who simply wanted somewhere to upload her own work and recieve feedback, I never dreamed it would come to the site being as loved as it is today. Please feel free to add me as a friend and say 'hi' I will get back to you asap and look forward to meeting you all!". Love, Shaz xoxo

CH1 aka Dec (co-owner) "I have enjoyed being a member of this site for some months now and have really enjoyed being part of this close community of writers. I have learnt so much from the people here and have made some very good friends, and I have this site to thank. I hope you'll pop in and say 'hi', I look forward to meeting you and reading some of your work." All the best, Dec..


We also have at least 4 monthly moderators - although we cannot list them as they change every month. However, you can view our mod's at the right hand side of the site on every page under 'Monthly Moderators'


If you have any questions please feel free to ask our current monthly mods, Dec, or myself, anything you feel you want to ask by simply clicking on our profile and PMing us or you can email us at: