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INTERNET SAFETY - Please read!


This is a very important thing I would like to cover. Who knows what sick, twisted people are prowling the net? I do not want anyone being a victim to anything.

18yrs and older you are responsible for yourself, you are old enough to know right from wrong.

Everyone else- Full names should not be posted. It is ok for first names, people can't track you then.

Your location is a very good thing to keep vague, i.e., street, city should not be told. It is ok for a country.

No pictures of yourself should be added, this includes your profile picture. I can go into your profile and change the picture, but I would prefer not to breech your privacy.

I know you can receive messages from other people, but this is just members, so if anyone messages you inaproprite content, mail myself, or CH1 straight away.

I have made the forums and member page, viewable by members only, so this is some safety, and you have to login to view the content.

please keep all this in mind and keep safe.


Shaz and Dec x