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Monthly Comps/Mods...

Every month we will announce a competition. Each month the theme will be different - you can view the rules each month in the competiton forum.

 Competitions run from the start of the month until the 20th of each month. The winner will be decided on the 30th of each Month. you can also view each months winners here also:



1st place Winnners of our monthly competitions will be featured on our homepage until the following month, with their winning piece, also they will be allowed to pick ONE piece of other writing they would like to be featured.





Fancy the chance to become a Moderator?  Each month myself or Ch1 will pick 4 Mods to help us out.

Decisions will be based on most active members/ helpful members that month. So, if you want the chance to vote on competiton topics and enter the mysterious 'Moderators Lounge', hold your own monthly mini challenges/comps - sign in and help others out by giving them your opinions on their work.

Spamming will not help you become MOD

example - writing this on members work doesn't qualify for MOD:

'This is good'


Good Luck to every one every month on Comps and Mods - We look forward to meeting you all :)


Shaz and Dec x