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This includes:

Bullying - no member should be made to feel scared or intimadated by anyone!

Spamming - This goes for the MOD positions, if you spam, we won't choose you, simple as! Also, we have a general forum for chat - but please, be fair, don't treat it as a chat room - it's not! It pushes other forum posts to the bottom!

Profile Pictures - Personal pics should not be used as your profile pic! It's not that we don't want to see your lovley faces, we do honest! Just there is a lot of 'weirdo's' out there and we want all our members (especially the younger ones) t be safe!

Please also take a minute to look at our Internet Safety page - it is located under the rules tab up top - Under 18's be sure to read before posting!

Thank you

Shaz and Dec x